Purposeful Reminder



Sometimes, the job is difficult.  I knew this going into graduate school.  I devote one lecture each semester I teach to the importance of self care for social workers. As I share with the students, the largest component of our job is using ourselves when working with clients. 

My job is often rewarding.  Seeing a client achieve the goals they have set, being present with children in a support group when you can sense they have built their community, and walking with a client through poor health diagnosis to good health are wonderful benefits to my job. 

Today the job was hard; having to sit with a client who ached for assurance that I could not give makes my heart hurt. There was no good or right answer for them, and all I could do was be present with them.  I understand the importance of just being with the client, its value.  And yet, it can be difficult sometimes to see another human being’s struggle. 

This experience today has meaning behind it in that it is the purposeful reminder of why I am on this play mission.  Why I am musing around the playground.  Playing provides refueling so I can walk with my clients, wherever it may lead. 

“The Lorax” was my play this week.  First feel good movie I have connected with in an long time.  Of course, I had the Play Coach, Mr. Jack, with me.  Tonight, I think of “The Lorax” and his words: 

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better, its not.”

See you later. Its time to play, so I can keep caring a whole awful lot. 



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