Summer Reading

Summer is really here.  Being a Midwesterner, we often go through a phase of weather where we are not quite sure if summer is here.  It finally seems to have settled in; besides warmer temperatures the flip flops abound, flowers are blooming, and there are baseball games being played all over my neighborhood.

This makes me wonder…. what you are reading this summer?  What is on your summer reading list?  Maybe your a mystery fan.  Perhaps you are a romance reader.  Or maybe, your a person who searches for books who have meaning for you.

Since I am at the beginning of a research project, and an oncology one at that, I am finishing up “The Emperor of All Maladies: The Biography of Cancer” written by Siddartha Mukhejee. What a profound book.  Yes, it is the biography of cancer.  But it is also a biography of cancer awareness, research and treatment.  It has recently won the Pulitzer Prize and worth the read.  Maybe your a knowledge seeker and wish to know all you can about the ins and outs of cancer. Research and details abound in this book, and if those float your boat, this is a worth while read for you.

I am also reading two other books.  Of course, this is an blog about cancer, and therefore the books I share have to do with this topic.  They also have to do with friendship, life lessons and meaning.

First let’s about chat friendship.  “The Light Within”, written by Dr. Lois Remondetta and  Dr. Deborah Sills,  ebbs and flows with a friendship that starts with a cancer diagnosis. It addresses the blurry lines that come when doctors and patients face existential issues as they come together to fight cancer and allow their relationship to be a human one, not just a professional one.  It celebrates life while navigating the impact cancer can have on a life.  A good life.  One full of joy and aware of mortality.

Moving on to a rich read, focused on life lessons and you have “Bobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forgot I Knew” by the amazing new author Jim Higley.  Higley  is diagnosed with prostate cancer at 41.  His book is an inspirational account of the impact  his diagnosis and cancer journey has on him.  It shares  the forgotten life lessons that were planted by his parents during childhood and how those rich lessons bloom and grow. Higley takes his cancer journey as a bop on the head to slow down, reflect on those lessons, and determine how he wants to really live, not bobble along through life meeting the expectations of our entrepreneurial American society.  I was privileged to read this book before it went on the market and can tell you that Jim is an insightful and powerful storyteller, who entertains the reader with his genuine and passionate narration.

Summer reading – educational, inspirational, and enjoyable.  Reading these books reminds us that, although cancer is difficult, it can also be wonderfully life changing.

Do tell – what are you reading?


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